A proven way to consistently increase Google AdX revenue
Roxot Revenue Lift automatically manages
your inventory pricing in Google AdX
Ad auction analysis
Our system analyzes each AdX impression and the performance of pricing strategies
Optimal pricing
Based on the results it Identifies the optimal pricing for your inventory
Automatic adjustments
The system works 24/7 and automatically adapts your inventory pricing to the market conditions
Our clients make additional 12%-35% of AdX revenue
Independent Media Case Study
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Evothink Media Case Study
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You heard the programmatic landscape is a buyer's market, right?
Advertisers target specific types of users who, they think, are most likely to buy their product. Thus, some users are more preferable for the buyers and, therefore, more expensive.

Obviously, you need to price each user to match the demand and the buy-side algorithms that optimize campaigns.

Otherwise, you let advertisers buy your inventory cheaper than the market values it.
It is the product that took us 3 years to perfect
Our pricing technology has been working effectively for publishers since 2016.
We've been tuning it to be more cost-effective for the business and now it's publicly available.
Firstly, we applied the technology to direct connections to SSPs and DSPs but the maintenance of was too time-consuming.
early 2017
Then, we developed the first header bidding analytics on the market and analyzed billions of ad auctions for our clients. That provided us with unique insights to the auction mechanics.
late 2017
We applied the technology to header bidding wrapper but the majority of bidders didn't support the pricing parameter.
Finally, we applied the technology to Google Adx which allows us to effectively help more publishers increase their revenue.
Why publishers use Roxot
Besides just making more money...
A consistent way to grow business
There are a lack of legitimate options to steadily increase advertising revenue. In contrast to additional ad units or new demand partners, Roxot Revenue Lift allows you to constantly stay above the market by generating purely incremental revenue.
Effortless to implement & maintain
The implementation is straight-forward and requires minimum work from your side. Moreover, you don’t have to invest your team’s time into maintenance.
Control over market changes
The market is constantly changing. Your CPMs decrease at the beginning of a quarter and slowly go up towards its end. With Roxot Revenue Lift, you will always stay above the market and avoid sudden drops in your performance.
We are a mighty team of

Data Scientists

AdTech Experts

with tons of experience in price floors, ad performance data, and revenue analytics.
We are the creators of well-known analytics tools for publishers
Our Roxot Prebid Analytics and Roxot Data Hub help 100s of publishers around the globe to collect, process, and use ad performance data to increase their revenue.
Stop undervaluing your inventory
& make the most out of your AdX
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